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Medication Awareness

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Assisting individuals with all aspects of managing their medication is a key element of care and support. The level of support required by an individual presents varying considerations for staff involved.

It is crucial that staff understand the importance of assisting someone with their medication and how to keep themselves and the supported person safe with regard to this key task.


This online course aims to provide learners with the knowledge required to support people who are administering medication to supported individuals in health and social care settings.


After this course you will:

  • Have a basic understanding of key pieces of legislation and guidance relevant to handling medicines in social care.
  • Be familiar with where to find information regarding medication and have an awareness of labelling and packaging
  • Be able to describe the different medication routes
  • Have an understanding of different levels of support when handling medication
  • Understand your personal responsibility and accountability for accurate record keeping
  • Have an awareness of the legal and professional requirements related to administration of medication
  • Know yur responsibility in the recording following administration of medication


Delegates who complete the online learning will receive a Certificate of Completion.

Please note that attendance on this course does not evidence competency to administer medication. It is recommended competency is assessed in service via visual observations


The course is divided into 4 modules:

Module 1  – Legislation        – 15 minutes

Module 2 – Medication        – 15 minutes

Module 3 – Pharmacology  – 15 minutes

Module 4 – Support              – 10 minutes

Evaluation                               – 2 minutes


You do not have to do all 4 modules at once.

You can revisit the site at any time and restart from where you left.

You must complete the modules in order.

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