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3 Day IOSH Managing Safely

IOSH Managing Safely Training Course

Why you need to book this course

The Health & Safety at Work etc Act 1974 has been a lifesaving piece of legislation. Before implementation, industry was killing over 800 people every year and with no real recording data base for long-term occupational health issues this number is thought to be higher.

The Aberfan disaster in 1966 saw the demise of a whole village when a colliery spoil tip gave way engulfing the village in a sea of rock and shale slurry. An incident on a catastrophic scale, a primary school took the brunt of the first slurry wave, killing 116 children and 28 adults.

In the aftermath, the government knew they had to do something and fast and the Health & Safety at Work etc Act was born.

The health & safety statics of the United Kingdom have certainly improved and in 2015/2016 industry deaths were recorded at 144. This number however is drastically overshadowed by the long term occupational health deaths with legacy deaths from asbestos exposure hitting 2,515. The estimated cost of injuries and ill health in 2015/2016 was circa £14.1 Billion.

So the question we need to ask ourselves is…… “Are we doing enough”?

As an employer we have legal responsibilities, a duty of care to our employees. Are we doing enough to ensure we are discharging our duties and safeguarding our employees?

As an employee we also have legal responsibilities under the Act, do you know what they are?

If you are a supervisor or manager you have extended duties under the Act do you know what they are?

Emcare delivers a variety of training courses that can provide vital knowledge to ensure, as an employer, your business is suitably equipped to provide a safe place of work for your employees and also meet your legal responsibilities. Our courses also ensure employees and supervisors understand their legal obligations.

The 3 Day IOSH Managing Safely Course is one of our most popular courses. The course provides both employers and employees with the knowledge and skills to ensure your organisation is working safely and meeting its statutory duties. Below are 6 reasons why we know you would benefit from undertaking this course:

Ensures Employers & Employees understand their legal responsibilities.

Measuring performance is key to any business and measuring health & safety. Performance allows companies to continually improve and focus on health & safety.

Communicating health & safety information within a business is paramount, the course provides guidance on how to implement and communicate an effective safety management system.

Accountability – Supervisors and Managers can be held responsible & accountable; the course provides Supervisors & Managers with the knowledge to discharge their role satisfactorily.

Risk assessment is one of the most fundamental elements of health & safety and as per section 3 of the Management of Health and Safety At Work Regulations 1999 is legally required and if you have 5 or more employees you have to have documented Risk Assessments. Risk Assessment features heavily throughout the course and candidates will be given the knowledge and skills to develop a Risk Assessment.

Everyone has duty to work safely the course empowers you to do so.

Emcare Vision

We aim to protect, preserve and promote the health, safety and wellbeing of our clients through the sharing of knowledge and provision of clinical services from an expert team with committed focus on exceptional customer service.


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