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De-escalation, Breakaway and Safer Restraint for Care Workers

De-escalation, Breakaway & Safer Restraint for Care Workers Training Course Glasgow

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The De-escalation, Breakaway and Safer Restraint for Care Workers course is a combination of theoretical and practical elements, the content being dependent on the level of physical intervention that would be regarded as required in any situation, anticipated or experienced.
The presentation of this course includes general information regarding Human Rights, Health & Safety Law and Employment Law which will be relevant to all client groups.

Emcare can tailor the remaining course content to the particular client group ensuring that reference is made to the particular piece of relevant legislation i.e. older people, children etc.

The course content can be tailored to incorporate the client specific national best practice guidelines viewed from a health and safety perspective for all parties concerned.

Dependent on whether this requires being a general course or a client specific course, agreement would be sought on the level of the intervention techniques to be demonstrated and practiced on the day. This would be guided by the detail in the risk assessment and be proportionate to the risk either historically experienced or anticipated.


Following the successful completion of this one day course, participants will be able to:

  • Recognise and deal with conflict safely and effectively
  • Refer to current legislation in relation to the terms ‘absolutely necessary’ and ‘reasonable force’
  • Identify common principles for safer restraint
  • Understand what can go wrong when employing restraint techniques
  • Appreciate the importance of sufficient and appropriate Risk Assessment
  • Safely employ the principles of de-escalation
  • Safely employ non-harmful, restrictive methods of control
  • Safely employ Low, Medium and High level disengagements
  • Safely employ team manoeuvres
  • Understand the principles of de-briefing
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