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Epilepsy & Rescue Medication Administration Awareness Training Course

Epilepsy Awareness training course in glasgow

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 Epilepsy & Rescue Medication Administration Awareness Training Course

Additional information about Epilepsy & Rescue Medication Administration Awareness course: As social care staff begin to become more involved with the care of individuals with unstable epilepsy and the associated management of seizures and administration of rescue medications, the following course has been created with this in mind.
Its aim is to help support staff gain confidence when managing different types of seizure and prepare them for the administration of associated rescue medications.


Epilepsy Awareness, after this 1/2 day course staff will:

  • Have awareness of epilepsy: its causes, diagnosis and treatment
  • Understand the management and recording of seizures
  • Describe when a situation becomes an emergency and how to deal with it

Rescue Medication Awareness, after this 1/2 day course staff will:

  • Know the principles of administration of emergency medications
  • Consider the legal and ethical issues surrounding emergency medications
  • Practice administration of emergency medications

These courses can be delivered as standalone 1/2 day sessions or together in one complete day as per your requirements.

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