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Flu Can Be Prevented

Protect Against Flu

With all the attention on Covid-19 over the past several years, the effects of getting the flu (aka influenza) may have been overlooked. But this other serious respiratory illness can be highly unpleasant and even deadly. Furthermore, this virus can have a damaging effect on the productivity and profitability of any UK business. Thus, proactive employers will protect their workforces now by giving their employees access to the flu vaccine.

Due to the changing nature of influenza, The World Health Organization (WHO) monitors the influenza viruses throughout the world. Each year, WHO makes recommendations about the strains to be included in vaccines for the forthcoming winter. Traditionally, the flu vaccines available in the UK have offered protection against three strains of the influenza virus. A flu vaccine that offers protection against four strains is now available. The committee of vaccine experts in the UK advise that flu vaccines which target four strains of influenza are the preferred choice.

Emcare Travel Clinic provides a quadrivalent vaccine, which protects against four of the most commonly circulating flu viruses. It only takes a matter of minutes to administer and is virtually painless. Most recipients have no side effects. Those vaccinated will be protected against one of the of the most common and potentially deadly viruses. This vaccine is not a live one; therefore, it cannot cause the flu.

Emcare Travel Clinic has this vaccine in stock and can work with you to ensure that you are protected against influenza this winter. We have a convenient city centre location (45 Hope Street across from Glasgow Central station) and will also travel to employers’ worksites to administer vaccinations to employees. For current pricing, please see To set up appointments (individual or group) or for a quote on vaccinating employees onsite, please contact us:

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Q: How long does the flu vaccine take to become effective?

A: It takes around two to three weeks for your immune system to respond fully after you’ve had a flu vaccine.

Q: How long will I be protected from the flu after getting the vaccine?

A: The vaccine provides protection for the flu season. To ensure protection each year, the vaccine will need to be repeated each year.

Q: What are the common side effects?

A: Common side effects following the flu vaccine include a slight temperature, aching muscles, and a painful arm at the injection site. Other reactions are rare.

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