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Holiday Workplace Accidents

The holiday season is a busy time of year for most people, dealing with all the hustle and bustle of the season in their personal lives along with end-of-year pressures at work.

The festive season is approaching, and people are getting in the mood. No one wants to suffer an accident or injury at ANY time of year, but least of all during the festive season! Research tells us that there is a common theme in the type of workplace injuries and this time of year. Accidents are more common at this time of year.

Pubs and Clubs

Fast paced demand for drinks and serving at a bar has its own risks. Slips, trips and falls are the most common accidents, as the floor has spilt drinks, melting ice and sometime food waste. Strains, sprains and fractures and cuts and grazes – Would you and your staff know what to do?

Restaurants and Café’s

The preparation of food is fast and furious to meet customer demands – Burns, slips trips, and falls are the most common accidents where the staff are working at a fast pace where they are under pressure. Would you and your staff know how to treat different types of burns?


People trying to get in shape for that party are at greater risk when it’s hectic. Common conditions suffered include sprained ankles, caused by tripping or slipping while rushing around, muscle injury, back injury because not used to equipment or being overzealous.

Wintery road conditions

Delivery drivers, face heightened danger of vehicular accidents due to more traffic and wintery road conditions.

No matter the workplace, accidents can happen not just during the festive season, and would your staff know what to do with both minor and major injuries should the worst happen.

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