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Hope for Staffing Shortages in the Care Industry

Hope for Staffing Shortages in the Care Industry

Like many industries, the care sector is facing a staffing shortage and finding it difficult to recruit the staff needed. Compounding the problem is the fact that the workforce is ageing, with about a quarter retiring in the next decade.1


The good news is that a recent online survey of approximately 2,000 16-to 25-year- olds conducted by the Prince’s Trust found that 20% of respondents would like to have a job in health and social care. The results of the survey were published in The Prince’s Trust NatWest Youth Index 2023. The survey also found that “When asked what would help them to achieve their career ambitions, 29 per cent of young people said help with building confidence, 30 per cent said securing better qualifications, training or work experience and 26 per cent said guidance on what jobs are available to them.”


The Prince’s Trust is providing this confidence-building support, training, and job guidance through its efforts to encourage young people to find employment in the health and care industry. Since 2019, it has supported and recruited thousands of 16- to 30-year-olds into the sector.2 Support includes mentoring, free training courses, and funding.


Emcare is proud to be part of this effort. We provide Prince’s Trust with courses to build skills needed for a job in the care industry. Young people working with the Prince’s Trust can then take these courses free of charge.


Getting to full staffing will take time, but the chances are brighter thanks to the Prince’s Trust.







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