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Importance of Food Hygiene

food hygiene

Importance of Food Hygiene

In the realm of occupational safety and health solutions, ensuring the well-being of employees is paramount. One critical aspect that often goes hand in hand with workplace safety is food hygiene. The importance of maintaining impeccable food hygiene cannot be understated, as it directly impacts the health and productivity of the workforce. At Emcare, we are committed to providing comprehensive training courses to address the various facets of occupational safety, including the significance of proper food hygiene practices.

The Link Between Food Hygiene and Employee Well-being

When discussing workplace health and safety, the emphasis often lies on equipment, protocols, and environmental conditions. However, the health of your employees goes beyond their immediate workstations. The food they consume during their breaks and meals plays a significant role in their overall health and performance.

Practicing good food hygiene is not just a matter of avoiding an upset stomach. It’s about preventing serious food borne illnesses that can lead to absenteeism, decreased productivity, and even long-term health issues. By educating your workforce about the importance of food hygiene, you empower them to make informed choices about what they consume. Therefore, contributing to their well-being and your company’s success.

The Effects of Poor Food Hygiene

1. Health Complications: Poor food hygiene practices can lead to various illnesses. For example, food poisoning, gastrointestinal infections, and even more severe conditions. Employees affected by these illnesses may require extended sick leaves, leading to decreased productivity and increased medical costs.

2. Reduced Productivity: Employees suffering from food borne illnesses are likely to experience a significant drop in productivity. This not only affects their individual performance but can also create a domino effect within the team. This  to missed deadlines and compromised project outcomes.

3. Negative Workplace Atmosphere: An outbreak of food borne illnesses within the workplace can create a negative atmosphere and erode employee morale. This can result in increased dissatisfaction among employees and impact their overall job satisfaction.

4. Increased Absenteeism: Poor food hygiene can contribute to a higher rate of absenteeism. Therefore, affecting team dynamics and the ability to meet operational demands. The increased workload on remaining employees can lead to burnout and decreased morale.

Empowering Employees Through Education

Emcare recognises that prevention is the best strategy when it comes to maintaining a healthy and productive workforce. Our REHIS food hygiene training courses will make you aware of your responsibilities with regard to food safety. We will ensure you are fully up to date with food hygiene legislation, how to compile and implement Food Safety Management Systems, and how to best communicate the required hygiene standards to your team. By providing your employees with the knowledge and tools to handle food safely, you not only protect their health but also reinforce a culture of responsibility within the organisation.


In conclusion, the connection between food hygiene and occupational health is undeniable. Investing in training courses that educate employees about proper food handling, storage, and consumption is an investment in your company’s success. Emcare’s commitment to offering training courses ensures that your workforce remains equipped with the knowledge needed to prioritise their well-being and contribute to a productive work environment. Remember, the foundation of a successful company is a healthy and engaged workforce. It all starts with something as seemingly simple as food hygiene. For more information, make sure to get in touch with us!

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