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Infection Control for Care Staff

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The Infection Control for Care Staff course content is the same for the regulated and non-regulated workforce. Regulated staff from the care sector will be working in environments and with employers that will have protocols, policies and procedures in places that require being adhered to.
This course would be regarded as mandatory for a regulated care worker.


Following this 1/2 day course, which is based on NHS Scotland Mandatory Induction Standards, participant’s will:

  • Understand the importance of ensuring their fitness for work, and how the risk of cross-infection is reduced by applying high standards of personal hygiene and appropriate dress
  • Understand and define what is meant by ‘the chain of infection’
  • Identify the risks of spillages of blood and other body fluids and understand the procedures for ensuring safe cleaning, disinfecting and removal of spillages from work areas
  • Understand the importance of correct disposal of (healthcare) waste, including sharps, minimising the risk of acquiring and / or spreading infection
  • Understand and describe when hand hygiene is required
  • Demonstrate effective hand washing techniques
  • Understand the more common health care related infections
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