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Intensive Interaction

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The Intensive Interaction course teaches the fundamentals of this unique approach which is used when working with adults and children with severe communication difficulties.  The course is ideal for those working directly with the supported individual including parents, care workers, teachers and staff from voluntary organisations  and involves.
The course involves the use of facial expression, touch, vocalisation and body language build meaningful interactions with the supported individual which can lead to  communication.

The programme is delivered over 3 half days and reflective practice is required after each training session. The delegates will be required to record working sessions with the supported individual and have consent to carry this out.


After this course staff will have knowledge of how to successfully spend time and interact with individuals who may be; difficult to reach, with limited communication, who may display stereotypical or self-stimulatory behaviours that excludes the participation of others.

Staff will understand:

  • How communication typically develops
  • What promotes or prohibits communication
  • The theory that underpins Intensive Interaction
  • The purpose of self-stimulatory behaviours
  • How to be proactive in the application of the above
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