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Recording of ongoing training and development.

With the intended implementation date for requirement to register with SSSC being September 2017 for workers within the Care Sector, now is as good a time as any to start thinking about the recording of ongoing training and development.

Emcare are keen to work with Care Providers in the encouragement and support of the social care workforce. In this connection Emcare are introducing new documentation prompts for the recording of reflective accounts and continuing professional development. We recognise that post registration training and learning (PRTL) is important as it shows the responsibility the worker has taken for their own learning and development. This, in the months moving forwards, will be required to show the maintaining and development of effective knowledge, skills and practice.

Whilst there is a facility for ongoing recording on the SSSC website through MySSSC account Emcare over the coming months will be issuing Reflective and CPD logs to delegates attending courses as a prompt to keep these records up to date.

There will also be slides prompts on the presentations to consolidate the encouragement from the Trainers.

We will still be issuing certificates to show attendance at the Learning and development sessions however we fully understand that showing attendance does not show the learning that has taken place nor the personal thoughts around this. There will be increased use of additional handouts to encourage further reading providing an evidence based audit trail of independent learning.

Handouts will also utilise reflective exercises to evidence active participation in class. We hope that our efforts go some way in supporting our Care Sector Partners in the ongoing development and registration of its workers. Accordingly, Emcare are keen to get feedback from our clients as to how we can further support them in the challenging months to come.

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